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September Favourites

I cannot believe it is October already! October is a great month because it really feels like the start of Autumn. The leaves look really pretty, you can get pumpkin spice lattes and I can start secretly thinking about Christmas. (I may have started googling local Santa’s grottos last night).

Here is a little round up of things I have been enjoying in September.

For me 

Arrow Boost Colour Enhancing Lip Balm. Oh. my. goodness. This is the best lip balm in the whole wide world. I subscribe to Birch Boxes and this lip balm arrived in my last box. It is so moisturising and leaves my lips feeling really nice but it also adds a bit of colour. I’m really funny about what I put on my lips. I can’t stand them feeling sticky and I don’t really like any products where I have to worry about colour smudging or wearing off unevenly. This lip balm adds just the right amount of colour for every day wear and it also smells good. Its a roll on style rather than being in a tin which I love because I can never get the lid off tins!


N.4 Sugar Texturizing Spray. This was another birch box goodie. My hair is naturally somewhere in-between curly and straight. More often than not I leave it wavy, mainly because I’d be trying to straighten it with a toddler clambering all over me which I find a bit terrifying. Anyway, this spray is perfect for me. After washing my hair I towel dry it so it’s not dripping wet and then give it a good spray with this. It seems to just enhance what my hair does naturally and leaves it the curlier side of wavy but without being frizzy. It doesn’t make my hair sticky or wet looking like a moose can do.


The Teaplanter’s Wife. I think I actually read this during the summer holidays in August but I haven’t written an August favourites…maybe I didn’t like much else. This book is so amazing. It was so gripping that I sat up reading it until 1am one night and I genuinely sobbed.  It’s set in Sri Lanka and is about a young woman who moves from England to be with her tea plantation owning husband. I don’t want to say too much about the story because everyone should just go and read it.


Embroidered boots. I bought these boots a couple of weeks ago and they are possibly by favourite thing in my house. They are black ankle boots with a short heel and are covered in embroidered flowers. Every time I have worn them they have got me a lot of attention and people have been loving them. I am not normally a big Primark person. I sometimes go in and then regret my decision and hastily exit again when met with clothes all over the floor and massive queues. However, these boots are from Primark. They cost £16. They look great and are so comfortable. I’m not sure they will last that long…I’m almost tempted to go and get a back up pair.


Aldi Blackberry and Bay Candle. My mum bought me this gorgeous candle and I’ve been loving having it in my bedroom. I’m not quite sure how Aldi are getting away with it because it looks and smells like a Jo Malone candle. It goes beautifully with our grey themed bedroom and it smells so good. It isn’t looking quite so good now…the sides have gone a bit black but it smells amazing.


For my daughter 

Play dough. We have only just bought our 22 month old some play dough. She really loves it. It’s a great activity because it doesn’t really make too much of a mess. We have wooden floors so luckily it cannot get trodden into carpets. It keeps her entertained for ages and she loves asking us to make random objects for her. She usually requests a monkey. My husband and I have been enjoying it too and have been getting quite competitive seeing who can make the best tree or monkey.


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Please let me know in the comments if there is anything in particular you have been loving in September.

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