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I am the music mummy.

If you follow any of my social media you may have spotted that I’ve mentioned a big name change for the blog a few times now. Shortly after I post this I’m going to officially change the name of the blog to ….. drum roll please ….. The Music Mummy. So you will be able to find me on all the various social media platforms under that name. For those people who know me in the real world, the name change will make sense. I am a mum to a toddler but also a musician, music teacher and music lover.


To give you a little background, I grew up in a musical family and benefitted from being exposed to music at an early age. I did a Music degree and now am a Secondary trained Music Teacher, although I currently teach Music in a Primary School.

I’d like to start including more posts on the blog relating to music, whether that’s musical activities for children or an insight into some of the music I’m listening to. I might even venture into making a few videos with some musical ideas as I discovered that it’s really quite difficult sometimes to explain musical activities just by writing!

Why is music so important? 

Music is incredibly important in the lives of children and research shows that even babies can benefit from being in a musical environment. Music can improve development in a wide range of areas including memory, language, social and emotional skills and motor skills.  Research even shows that babies can benefit from hearing music when in the womb. I read an article recently that suggested that babies will prefer the kind of music they heard whilst in the womb. This worries me slightly as I directed ‘We Will Rock You’ at school whilst pregnant with my daughter. Does this mean she will be a massive Queen fan?

Music isn’t just important for development. It is fun and babies/toddlers/children love it and responding to music comes to naturally to them.

I’m in the process of writing a post all about how anyone can engage their toddlers in musical activities with lots of ideas for things you can do at home. I’d love to get some more subscribers to the blog so sign up and you’ll be the first to hear when the new post is up.



By the way, the artwork at the top of the blog is by my amazing sister who is an illustrator. You can find her work all over the place and see more of her work if you click the links below. I am a lucky sister!

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